My View On the 2016 Draft

Most people who cover the draft, tend to give out grades on how well they think a team did in the draft. I use to do that, but each year I learn new things and have new perspectives, one of the things is not giving a grade on what a team did right after the draft, because how can I say a team was a winner or loser when they haven’t played a game with the new roster. It makes more sense to do it mid-season or after the first season before the next draft as recap. So instead I will just share some thoughts about selections and moves that happend.

– First off I must say I expected it to be alot of unpredictable things in this draft, but it even surpassed what I thought. The biggest thing was seeing certain players fall pretty far. DeJuan Blair who was considered lottery caliber, fell to the early second-round, apparently team doctors didn’t feel confident in clearing him. So the Spurs who always draft pretty well, picked him they definitely have a steal on there hands. Looking at players like what Paul Millsap, Glen Davis, and Carl Landry did in their first years as second-rounders on good teams, I expect the same to happen for DeJuan. I knew it was possible for him to have a Darrell Arthur moment and just fall in the draft, but I atleast thought by the mid-20’s a team would have taken a shot.

– DeJuan’s teammate Sam Young also fell into the second-round and was picked up by the Memphis Grizzles. He could remind people of former Grizzle James Posey, and do some of the things his to do for them. He has a chance to come in a play right away and give them a solid spark off the bench. I always projected as a first-rounder, but a few scouts did warn me that it was possible for him to fall to the second-round and sure enough he did.

– Patrick Mills is a player where many felt he should have went back to school, his stock fell after his injury, but he felt he good about his chances. He was still projected to be a late first-round to mid-second round selection. However he fell towards the end of the draft at #55 to Portland. So Patrick will be a few years away from probably being in an NBA player, it’s like Portland’s GM is hinting he’ll have Mills play overseas, or there is a chance he’ll start out in the NBDL and work his way up. I believe had he gone back to school and had another solid season, he would have been a top 20 selection in the 2010 Draft.

-Chase Budinger, I knew his stock was falling but wow I never expected him to fall to the mid-40’s. He was once considered lottery pick caliber, however he didn’t show teams much in workouts besides his shooting. He is very athletic and has solid all-around skills and I believe he’ll be one of those second-rounders who have alot of success in the NBA. As a Pistons fan I would have loved for them to keep Chase, but they traded him to Houston. So the Rockets could have an eventual replacement for Tracy McGrady. Once Chase develops and hopefully reaches his potential.

– The Minnesota Timberwolves had an interesting draft. They had people wondering what their game plan was by drafting so many PG’s. But it finally became more clear after the draft, trading away two, then it came out that Ricky Rubio could possibly stay overseas for atleast 2 more years. That would leave Jonny Flynn as the PG to get the shot to lead this young Timberwolves team. If Rubio does play in the NBA right away, it will be interesting of the combination they use for Flynn and Rubio overall I believe they’ll find a way to make it work, but alot of that depends on the coach they have.

– Every year there is a player that goes undrafted that shocks me, and a player that gets drafted that I didn’t think would that shocks me. This year Josh Heytvelt the 6’11 big man of Gonzaga went undrafted and I was shocked he has alot of skills and I definitely thought he was one of the 60 best players in the draft, but I guess GM’s felt otherwise. I believe he will be a steal for any team that picks him up, he’ll be in the NBA and have a solid career. As for my surprise shock that got drafted, well it’s the #1 overall picks big brother Taylor Griffin, he was selected at #48 by the Suns, I heard Utah was some what interested at #50. So it must have been something that really stood out about T. Griffin to get selected not that he’s a bad player, but I honestly don’t believe he was one of the best 60 in the draft. He also was selected by the Harlem Globetrotters earlirer in the week, so he has some options.

– One player that I didn’t think would get drafted but still have chance to play in the NBA regardless is Goran Suton. He is a solid big man and that plays real hard, and being drafted by the Utah Jazz is the perfect spot for him. He may or may not play right away but he could stick around for awhile not a bad selection at all.

– Why the Knicks fans booed because of Jordan Hill is puzzling, it may not have been the player they wanted, but he is a top 5 talent in this draft. Very good double-double player, that can fit in well into D’Antoni’s system if the Knicks don’t resign David Lee, he can fill that void and do so alot cheaper, which save the Knicks money for 2010, which seems to be their ultimate goal anyway.

– DeMarre Carroll being drafted in the first-round at #28 by the Grizzles doesn’t surprise me. The GM seems to like making odd ball moves. Not to say DeMarre is a bad selection but he could’ve been there at #36 with their next selection. When I heard the rumors of them promising to take him there I really didn’t want to believe it. He’ll be solid, but was he a must have at #28 I don’ think so, but they thought otherwise.

– Good job for the Knicks acquiring the Lakers #29th pick, and selecting Toney Douglas. I really like this move, he is a good player on both sides of the ball, and I believe fits in perfectly for D’Antoni’s sytle of play. He is a sleeper and a steal and I’ll go as far as to say he could be a potential rookie of the year candidate.

– People have asked me my thoughts on Joe Dumars selecting Austin Daye at #15. Honestly all I can say right now it’s a high risk/ high reward type things. I guess you can say that about many prospects. But I definitel think he’ll need to get stronger if he is going to have success in this league. Tayshaun Prince maybe slender, but he’s still got solid strength. If Tayshaun is still around, Austin couldn’t learn from a better player.

– Another big surprise was the Cavaliers selecting Christian Eyenga with the last pick in the first-round. He has some upside, but is a project and years away from contributing. Danny Ferry comes from the Spurs organization so maybe he’s taking a page out their book by selecting overseas guys and let them develop for a little bit, and see what they do in the future. But I’m sure they could have taken him with their 46th pick.

– The Denver Nuggets picking Ty Lawson, was a great move, I see him fitting in well there and could definitely be their PG of the future.

– B.J. Mullens getting picked up by the Thunder at #25 is a good deal for them, he still has developing to do, but with all the young talent this team is assembling together, I’m thinking they could be a team to watch in the future, especially if the B.J. reaches his potential as a legit center.

– I’ve been getting bashed for two years because I was high on Jon Brockman and believed he was good enough to get drafted. Turns out NBA teams liked his potential as well, heck they even drafted him in the top 40, I atleast had him in 50-60 range. He is a hard worker and finds a way to get the job done. As I have always told people if players like Brian Cardinal, Mark Madsen, and others like them can be in the NBA why not Jon Brockman?

-The New Orleans Hornest filled 2 of their needs in the draft by getting Darren Collison a super fast PG, that will be a solid backup to Chris Paul. And they also picked up Marcus Thornton a good shooting guard to fill their need of more scoring from that spot. I think people are underrating these moves.

– Overall this was one of the most interesting drafts to cover because of so many unknown things, and none of us know how well alot of these players and moves will turn out for a few years. Some will probably be good, and some will probably be bad. I know many people feel this is one of the weakest drafts in years, but let’s wait and see before we start making those kinds of statements. Alot of these players have talent, but are young and still developing. Realize that many of these prospects are late bloomers who didn’t get started with organized basketball until H.S.

– I apologize about the large font, it’s not that big on the back files, and turned out huge for the readers. I will try to go back and change it when I get a chance. Thank you all for coming to