Q&A Session                 

Q: Do you think Hasheem Thabeet will be a bust?

A: It’s still way too early to say that he’ll be a bust. He still needs to develop and has a lot of potential. I believe he should have a solid NBA career. I don’t think he’ll be an NBA superstar though.

Q: Hi Lance I’ve been reading your scouting reports since 2007. I’ve really enjoyed them and a lot. I was wondering out of all the players you’ve covered which one are surprised hasn’t been as successful as you thought they would be?

A: Thank you for following my work! I would say Morris Almond who was selected 25th by the Utah Jazz in 2007. I was pretty sure that he would have a good NBA career. He still has a chance, but needs to be given some opportunities.

Q:What college player that could’ve come out last year, but stayed, do you think should have entered the draft?

A: Many scouts seem to think Willie Warren, because he hasn’t looked as good with Blake Griffin gone. But I disagree I think Gani Lawal could’ve been selected higher in last draft than he might in this one. But there’s nothing wrong with a player wanting to stay in college in my opinion.

Q: What player do you think is being projected too low by scouts right now?

A: I definitely think DeMarcus Cousins is being projected too low. Many scouts seem to think he’s a late first rounder. I believe he is a lottery type player right now.

Q: What players stock has gone up the most?

A: Right now I think Quincy Pondexter’s stock has gone a lot. I projected him as a late 2nd round selection when the season started. But he has played really well. He is starting to be considered by many as a potential 1st rounder now.

Q: Do you think Renardo Sidney will be drafted in 2010?

A: Right now I don’t think so. I think he should probably stay in school or even go overseas for a season. He still needs to show what he’s capable of.

Q: Players are really trying to be like Brandon Jennings and be creative with playing at certain places and hopefully getting drafted sooner than later. Will this become a trend if one of these methods workout well for some of them?

A: That’s a good question. I do believe a lot of the young players are watching the moves being made. Brandon Jennings who went overseas didn’t play much but is on pace to be the R.O.Y. in the NBA this season. He credits his overseas experience. You have Jeremy Tyler who left H.S. early to go overseas and he’s really struggling on and off the court right now. You have Latavious Williams who chose not to go overseas and entered the D-League draft after being highly recruited by college teams. He’s only getting 10 mins a game right now but he’s apart of a minor league team owned by an NBA team so they can keep an eye on him and develop him. So really it’s hard to say. Right now I think it’s a wait and see process. College is still by far the number one choice though.

Q: Who is your fav 5 college players to watch right now?

A: Evan Turner, John Wall, Al-Farouq Aminu, Cole Aldrich, and Devin Ebanks.

Q: Can you name one international player and one college player that could be second round sleepers?

A: Alexey Shved could be an international sleeper 6-7 PG very solid skills. He was considered a first rounder at one point. Kenneth Faired who is only junior at Morehead State. But he has really put up good numbers and has been a great player for his team. A double-double type player he’s a smaller PF but the type of player that can contribute for sure!

Q: Is that a player is hard to project whether they’ll be a first rounder or second rounder right now?

A: I think right now it’s Sherron Collins he played excellent last season and could’ve been late 1st round. But he has just been decent this year. He’s probably going to be a borderline guy all season like his former teammate Mario Chalmers was. Mario ended up being an early second rounder which is probably what Sherron will be as well.

Q: What are your thoughts on this past draft class now that you’ve seen them play?

A: A lot of people said the 2009 draft class was one of the worst they seen in years. I’ve said all along that it’s hard to judge that there could be a lot of surprises. So far I think many of the players have been solid and will continue to keep getting better as the season goes. People may look at the stats say they’re not seeing much. But if you’ve actually watched the players, many of them are contributing to their teams in various ways.

Q: Can you name your favorite top 10 rookies from this past draft right now?

A: Brandon Jennings, Tyreke Evans, Jonny Flynn, Omri Casspi, Darren Collison, Ty Lawson, Wes Matthews, Marcus Thornton, Chase Budinger, and Taj Gibson.

Q: Who do you think will be the next smaller school player to be drafted in the first round?

A: Larry Sanders the PF from VCU. He has a chance to be drafted by a lottery team. If he continues to do well and decides to enter the draft.

Thank you for the questions. Feel free to keep sending them and I will try to answer them all!